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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Hi!  My name is Jodi Handran, the President of Gates of Hope Ministries. The idea for Gates of Hope is born out of working in the counseling world with people who have suffered from sexual abuse at some time in their lives. As a Pastoral Counselor, my heart hurts for those who cannot afford counseling. The Lord put it on my heart to start this non profit so that all who wanted help could be ministered to by the Lord.  I have worked in private practice since 2015, and almost from the start people were coming through my doors who were dealing with the effects of sexual abuse.  Oh, that's not why they came to see me......usually they were struggling with relationship issues, anxiety, depression or some other struggle.

The Lord led me to write a counseling Bible study called Restored: The Journey from Sexual Abuse to Healing in Jesus.  This was published in 2020.  I am shocked and horrified at how rampant sexual abuse is in our culture.  I have literally sat in a room and privately knew that 9 out of 10 people there had been victims of sexual abuse at some time in their lives. This includes both men and women. I am a Christian who loves Jesus and the people that He loves.  I have a Doctor of Sacred Studies in Biblical Theology and a Masters in Pastoral Counseling.  

Gates of Hope Ministries also exists to bring help to another area that has been glaringly destructive in our culture, our marriages and our families. I'm talking about the destruction of pornography in both men and women's lives.  Working with numerous clients in private practice, I knew that the Lord was wanting to bring help and healing to His people in this area. I believe that sexual abuse and pornography are the real pandemic of our generation. We offer a safe and confidential place  to address both sexual abuse and pornography addiction. The Lord wants to bring hope and healing back into the lives of the His people. Men, women, families......

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