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We are here to spread the Hope of Jesus.  

Our mission is to bring hope and healing to those who have had their lives affected by sexual abuse.  Whether it's recent or in your past, we see Jesus bring healing to all who come to him. Sexual abuse brings wounding to the soul. Your mind, will and emotions have been affected.  Some examples of this wounding are: having poor self esteem, the inability to have healthy relationships, having anger, depression, anxiety and the inability to trust others. Men, women and older children are welcome to receive help and healing through our Restored program.  

We also have our Conquer group therapy for those caught in the grips of pornography.  Conquer men and women meet on separate days from our Restored groups.  Come find strength, comfort and breakthrough while experiencing accountability and support for your future.  There is hope and healing for the spouse as well.  Wives are provided healing groups with a safe and comfortable environment. By providing hope to both husband and wives, the family has healing and hope through Jesus.  He is faithful to provide it.  

Group counseling is also provided to those who have had an abortion. Men and women experience grief over their loss for years following the decision to participate in an abortion. We are a safe and confidential place to receive the healing that Jesus longs to give you.  Renewed joy is attainable in Jesus. Abortion is not the unforgiveable sin.  



What others have to say..............

Highly Recommend.  When I started this book, I was having depression, anxiety and felt so alone.  I was the victim of multiple cases of abuse and rape situations and had carried the pain of that for decades.  This world had become a dark and scary place that  I woke up every day to endure. Through doing the activities and study in Restored: The Journey from Sexual Abuse to Healing in Jesus- I have found light and joy.  I now have tools to help with triggers but more importantly, I have found myself in Jesus. Jodi Handran did a phenomenal job of bringing light to the truth. Helping you walk through and dissect the truth. But most importantly how to learn just how much God loves us and understanding what the Word says about how He sees those who have hurt others and how He sees those who have been hurt.  Absolutely LIFE changing.

You need to do the Restored study!  

I had doubts about whether or not to do this study.  I didn't want to dredge up old, painful memories I had spent such a long time burying. If you are in the same boat, please trust is SO worthwhile!!!

The process was difficult but the results are incredible.  Restored lovingly takes you step by step through the process of healing the wound, not just trying to ignore it.

This study has changed my life.


I have been searching for healing from the abuse that occurred when I was a child all my life. The potency of the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ was the missing link. Restored Group Therapy Program offered the child in me a hand to hold as we waded through that darkness. I am eternally grateful to Jodi Handran for writing this book and guiding us through the often daunting prospect of healing from sexual abuse. Freedom is possible and healing is available--right here, right now. 

Isaiah 41:13

For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, 'Fear not, I will help you.'


I didn't realize how much my husbands addiction damaged me personally in our marriage. My husband had a battle that he needed to overcome, I was willing to go to battle with him, but didn't realize I had my own battle to fight.  Therapy helped me see the areas in my own life that needed healing and restoration so that I could also be influential in healing our marriage, my personal self-esteem, as well as my relationship with Christ. Working through this helps one refocus emotionally and provides tools needed to process loss, forgiveness, healing and restoration. Hope and freedom are obtainable through Jesus Christ.


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